Know Your Vendor #7: Wildfire Herbs

Know your Herbalist

Caty Crabb owns 86 sprawling acres in Meigs County with her sister. She has a big, lush garden, a green house and field house. This is the place where she grows many of the plants she uses in her medicinal plant extracts. After studying herbal medicine and training as a clinical herbalist, Caty decided to share her wealth of knowledge with her community. Caty’s Wildfire Herbs booth is at the market year round and her table is full of glinting, amber bottles to address many ailments.









When did you start attending the AFM?

Around four years ago.


What is your favorite thing about the AFM?

It’s a nice community and a friendly market. I like that it is such a relaxed place to meet people and be a part of the community. I’ve always been really impressed by the diversity of things you can get at this market, especially with it being a smaller town. 


What kind of products do you have?

I sell medicinal plant extracts. They are primarily made from plants I grow myself or pick in the wild. I have tinctures, salves, infused oils, lip balms and more. I also sell medicinal herb and vegetable starts in the spring, homemade maple syrup in some years, and occasionally vegetables from my field house.









What is your best seller?

The I’m Not Getting Sick Formula, nerve tonic and acute allergy formula.


Why did you decide to become an herbalist?

I have always been interested in plants since I was a young kid, spending much time outside in the woods and fields. And I have always been drawn to doing work that directly helps people. I had some health issues myself as a young person that allopathic medicine was not able to address and I think that also played a role in why I started studying herbal medicine at 19. The more I learned the more I could see how useful it can be and what a need there is for herbal medicine.

Where else can you get your products?

The Farmacy and I also have a clinical practice where I make formulas and sell directly to my clients.

Cats or Dogs?

I love both! But, Cats.







Caty has a new throat spray, and a lavender infused oil for the old customers to try out and for new customers to discover. Some of her items vary based on the season, such as her insect spray. She also has an herb school and teaches various workshops out in the community. Stop by her booth at the AFM and get to know your herbalist.

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